Balayage Hair: The Complete Guide

Balayage Hair

Balayage is the hair color trend of the hour because with the trendy freehand coloring technique highlights can be conjured into the hair, which looks particularly natural and harmonious. This is how the coloring technique works, these are the advantages and differences to other hair coloring methods.

What is Balayage?

If you want delicate, natural highlights and highlights as if kissed by the sun, the balayage technique is the right choice. The hair color trend comes from France and experienced hairdressers have had the freehand coloring technique in their repertoire for quite some time. Now it is also becoming more and more popular with us.

The difference to conventional hair coloring methods is in the application of color: unlike conventional strand techniques, in which individual hair sections are separated, colored from the roots to the tips, and wrapped in foil, the hair is worked freehand with a brush. Individual strands of hair are thus brushed with color, similar to a sweeping movement. This also explains the name “Balayage”, which is derived from the French “balayer”. This means something like “sweep”, “wipe” or “swing”. The hairdresser selects individual strands. emphasizes them differently, some of them remain untreated. In this way, different intensive color mixtures can be created and individually adapted to the wearer. The delicate so-called babylights create a sun-kissed look that not only looks natural but is also quite easy to care for.

Advantages of Balayage

A great advantage of the balayage technique is that the approach remains largely untreated. The coloration is applied along the length and especially in the tips, most strongly in the areas that frame the face. This allows you to achieve great contouring effects, the transitions are smooth and the hair can be parted at will without having to constantly re-color the roots! With the right balayage technique, it is even possible to create volume in the hair – this is especially interesting for women with thin hair.

Tip for all women who color their hair regularly and have to fight with split ends and hair breakage: Olaplex! The three-step system is considered a real miracle cure, which thanks to a new active ingredient formula rebuilds damaged hair from within and restores its shine. Glossing is also said to help hair regain more shine.

Who is the Balayage Technique suitable for?

Balayage is suitable for both bleaches and colorations from brown to red, for straight or curly hair. There are also almost no restrictions on hair length: Whether short pixie cut, medium length hair, bob, or long hair, the Balayage Technique can be used for any hairstyle. However, the most impressive effect is achieved with long hair, because here the strands can be set with particular attention to detail. The recommendation of many hairdressers is therefore often from shoulder-length hair. To set the baby lights even better in scene and to enhance the effect of the highlights, many hairdressers style light beach waves to the balayage look.

Balayage can be used with any hair color: Either you give the natural hair color a freshness kick or you dare a completely new color mix. Currently, caramel shades in brunette hair are especially popular, but also strikingly light strands or gray hair. There is no fixed rule, so a balayage look suits almost every woman.

Balayage vs. Ombre: What is the difference?

The balayage look is based on delicate highlights, the transitions to the original color are smooth and usually only a few shades lighter. With Ombr̩ Hair (also called Dip Dye), the contrasts are stronger. The hair is usually colored lighter from top to bottom Рso the lower part of the hair is significantly lighter than the upper half of the hair. Therefore, it is not worked with individual strands but colored flat. The hair color is applied at about half-height and covers the hair ends completely. This results in a striking two-tone hairstyle.

If you want a natural look, it is better to opt for a soft balayage effect. Whoever wants more change and stronger contrasts, is well advised with ombré or two-tone hairstyles.

Balayage blonde

Blonde hair can be given a freshness kick with the balayage technique and great color accents can be set. Caramel shades in golden blonde hair or platinum blonde highlights in darker natural hair achieve unique effects and optically give more volume. One speaks in this context also gladly of Bronde Hair!

Balayage Brown

Currently especially hip: Caramel and rust-brown highlights in brunette hair. But golden highlights are also in demand and create a great contrast, which thanks to the freehand technique does not look artificial despite everything.

Balayage: Durability and durability

A balayage treatment lasts from 45 minutes upwards and should only be performed by experienced hairdressers. Because the color selection must be individually adapted to the type of the customer – this requires experience values, in order to receive an optimal result. With a qualitatively well accomplished Balayage treatment one has then in addition, for a long time joy in the new hair-style – approximately three months hold the new Look, without outgrowing or strange looking. Perfect for all hairdressing enthusiasts!

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