CBD and Cannabis Beauty Products


Hemp beauty products are the latest hype! The active ingredient CBD can now be found in almost every beauty product – whether high-end or low budget. But what do dermatologists say about the effect of cannabis in cosmetics? We have the answers – and we were surprised ourselves.

CBD has the reputation of a miracle cure – meanwhile, almost everything from chewing gum to body lotion to chocolate is also offered in a version enriched with the active ingredient of cannabis.

Not least when you walk through the drugstore you will find various CBD care products that claim to solve all your skin problems.

But what is behind the promise, and how much can you really expect from hemp cosmetics? Are the new CBD-Beauty products really the game changer in your daily skincare routine or is the whole thing just overpriced and without real effect? The website “”, which is specialized in cannabis topics, has collected the assessments of various dermatologists.

What does CBD actually mean?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is one of the active ingredients of cannabis. Unlike the main active ingredient of the cannabis plant, THC, CBD does not have an intoxicating effect. CBD is not subject to the narcotics law and can be processed legally. Although CBD has a calming effect, it is not psychoactive. In addition to an anxiety-relieving effect, CBD is also said to have an anticonvulsant effect. Last but not least it is said to fight inflammations. The active ingredient is therefore also processed in medicine into various drugs. For example, CBD-based drugs are used to treat certain forms of epilepsy or multiple sclerosis.

The effect in the treatment of other diseases is mostly based on conjecture – in the USA, there have already been cases in which the drug authorities have had to issue warnings against manufacturers who have advertised certain products with an unproven effect. Although this obligation to provide proof exists, it does not apply to cosmetics or foods. Often, manufacturers advertise only with the CBD content without clearly stating what effect it should have. So what can one expect from CBD beauty products?

What dermatologists say about the effectiveness of CBD in cosmetics

Whether you use simple CBD oil to care for your skin or cream in which cannabidiol is one of several ingredients, even if the effect is not yet proven, there are strong indications that CBD is good for your skin. Thus, dermatologists quoted by “” are very optimistic about the efficacy of CBD in skincare. At the same time, they make clear that the necessary research for a final assessment is missing. The first medical product based on CBD was not approved in the USA until 2018. In most fields of application, therefore, there is simply not enough time for scientific confirmation of the effect.

CBD can help with these skin problems

As the dermatologist Michele Farber, who was interviewed by the Huffington Post about the cannabis active substance, explains, a positive effect on the skin has already been proven with the local application of CBD. The result of the investigations: The active ingredient combats inflammation and at the same time improves the skin’s fluid supply. In addition, its oil production is reduced by the substance. Faber can therefore imagine CBD to be a very helpful agent in products for fighting acne, for example. The other experts interviewed by Huffington Post on cannabidiol also see its use against various skin diseases as the most promising application.

Dermatologist Adam Friedman of George Washington University also explains the cause of this effect of CBD. CBD thus acts directly on the body’s own endogenous cannabinoid system. The endogenous cannabinoid system is part of the human nervous system. From it inflammations in the body are regulated – the extra supplied cannabidiol can block receptors and thus prevent the emission of inflammation signals. In other words: CBD not only fights the symptom, but the active substance is directed directly against the cause of the inflammation.

What you have to pay attention to when buying

At the same time, dermatologists also remind us that not every CBD care product has to be effective. When buying CBD creams one should try to do research in advance, read the tests and reviews, and thus separate the wheat from the chaff. Many of the products now coming onto the market that are enriched with the hemp active ingredient just want to jump on the hype without really effectively incorporating the cannabidiol into their formulation.

CBD side effects are also possible, such as fatigue, light drowsiness, or a dry mouth. However, they are considered very unlikely. If you should still experience these or other unpleasant side effects from the products, it is recommended that you discontinue your CBD cosmetics and consult your family doctor or dermatologist.

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