Common Skincare Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Skin care

There is little more frustrating than putting money and time into something that just won’t work. The skin, for example. You do everything – from cleansing to elaborate masks – and it just won’t get better. We will show you the most common mistakes and how to correct them!

The fault can even lie in the skincare routine. Especially when it comes to cleansing, there are a few important things we should be aware of – but often we don’t know. And with which we can block our own path to beautiful, radiant skin.

These cleansing mistakes can damage your skin

  1. You cleanse too much
    Double and even triple cleansing is said to be particularly efficient and supposedly work wonders. But if your skin doesn’t go along with that, you should slow down. A high-quality cleaner is all that is needed to remove make-up residue and the like without immediately over-irritating the skin.
  2. You scrub too hard
    Of course, you want to cleanse your skin really well during cleansing. But if you overdo it with your Facial Brush or with cleansers with peeling effect, you will quickly do the opposite and end up with skin problems and inflammation. Especially in the morning, the cleansing should be rather refreshing and gentle.
  3. Your cleanser is too aggressive
    The top layer of skin, the epidermis, is particularly important to protect against environmental influences such as UV rays, bacteria, and air pollution. If your cleanser is too aggressive, it damages this protective barrier and clears the way for inflammation. It is better to use milder products that do not damage your skin.
  4. The water has the wrong temperature
    The skin likes routine. This also applies to the water with which it is washed. The myth that a hot-cold bath for the face would stimulate the cells is not true. Instead, it even interferes with cell health. It’s better to stay with lukewarm water. Both in the morning and in the evening.

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