Female Facial Hair: 5 Methods to Get Rid of It

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Hair growth over the lip is nothing unusual and normally not a problem, even for women. Nevertheless, many people affected by hair growth disturb themselves and would like to get rid of the fluff. We reveal the five best methods to treat a “lady’s beard”.

Why do women actually grow a little fluff on their face? The so-called “hirsutism” is usually caused by a harmless, increased production of the male hormone testosterone. If a serious hormonal disease could be ruled out by a physician, the mustache can easily be contained locally if necessary. We reveal 5 tips and methods on how to remove the dark hairs on a long-term or even permanent basis.

1. Remove the facial hair with warm wax

A hot layer of wax (alternative: sugaring with sugar paste) is applied to the upper lip until it has set and then removed with a quick jerk. You can feel every single hair that is removed, including the root – the result lasts about four weeks. A visit to the cosmetician (approx. 20 USD) is therefore worthwhile. From about ten dollars, you can also buy warm wax sets in the drugstore. But be careful – if applied too hot, there is a risk of burns. In addition, unclean working can lead to strong inflammations. A disadvantage of waxing in general: For hair removal to work properly, the hair must have grown at least three millimeters long beforehand.

2. Remove facial hair by bleaching

At first glance, the advantages of the method outweigh the disadvantages: bleaching is painless, inexpensive, and quickly done. Plus: no stubborn regrowth! Treatments for the face are available from about ten euros in a beauty salon or at the hairdresser. Brighteners for do-it-yourself use cost about eight euros in the drugstore.

The disadvantages: One does not see it any longer, one can feel the lady beard however still. In addition, the bleaching cream can irritate the skin above the upper lip, which in the first few days after the treatment draws attention to the supposed problem zone.

To avoid this problem, the product should be tested in an inconspicuous place for a possible allergic reaction. Very important: Never use it on inflamed skin, otherwise scars could develop. Those who do it themselves must also make sure that the bleaching cream does not lighten the hair more than desired and that the lady’s beard is even more noticeable afterward than before.

3. Remove facial hair by threading

Threading goes back to an ancient oriental-osmanic tradition. Meanwhile, the method is offered in addition, to many skincare centers (starting from approximately eight USD). This is how it works: A thin thread is laid twice and knotted into a small loop. Then it is twisted with thumb and forefinger over the affected area of the face so quickly that the hairs get caught in between and are pulled out against the direction of growth together with the root, similar to epilation. Sounds complicated? It is! It’s almost impossible to use it yourself and remove the mustache with it, so be sure to let the professional do it. The smooth result is not permanent but lasts up to four weeks.

4. Remove the facial hair with a laser

The device emits light at a specific wavelength, which destroys the germ cells of the hair roots. Unlike other depilation methods, this one promises a permanent result, but the procedure is long and costly. Up to ten sessions (approx. $50 each) may be necessary to remove the lady’s beard permanently. The stronger the contrast between hair and skin color, the more satisfying the result. This means: With dark-haired women, it usually works better! Lighter types with their more sensitive skin are also more susceptible to scarring and pigment changes.

5. Remove facial hair by shaving

The grip to the shaver is a painless and fast method of hair removal – but it is not worth it in the long run. On the contrary: “The hair root is not removed, so the result lasts only for a short time”, the dermatologist knows. The hair grows back quickly and stubbly, especially dark-haired women will notice a dark shadow on their upper lip the very next day. And be careful – ingrown hair can lead to infections. And burning pimples over the lip instead of a mustache is not really the better choice in the end…

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