How to Dry Your Nail Polish Quickly

Nail Polish

The nail polish is not even dry yet, already the first quirk in the varnish – every woman knows this. Fortunately, there are some tricks that make nail polish dry in a flash.

Always the same: You sit there for hours and make an effort to get your nails painted perfectly. Then you just don’t pay attention once and there are unsightly scratches in the nail polish. All you have to do is slip into your shoe or jacket and the whole effort was in vain. You always thought that blowing helps? On the contrary! The moisture in your breath ensures that the drying process is slowed down. But don’t panic, there are methods that will make your nail polish dry faster!

What happens when the nails dry?

Nail polish contains acetates, ketones (acetone), and other solvents that evaporate during the drying process. This makes the nail polish hard. To accelerate this process, you have to intervene in the process. The typical way to accelerate the drying process is heat, but there are other tricks as well.

1. Running water

Let the varnish dry for about one minute after application and then hold your nails briefly in a bowl of cold water. The cold makes the nail polish dry faster. It is best to prepare a bowl of ice water before applying the nail polish to avoid scratching your nails during the preparation. But beware, this trick requires caution: Some paints are sensitive to the cold shock and become porous. If you don’t want to bother to prepare a bowl of water, you can also hold your nails under the tap. The following applies here: The jet must not be too strong, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the paint!

2. Off to the freezer!

Just as effective, but not exactly energy-saving: Simply hold the dried nails briefly in the freezer. Here too, the cold ensures that the paint hardens.

3. Hairdryer provides a remedy

Let your hairdryer blow instead of blowing yourself. However, it should definitely be set to the cold air stage, as the paint cannot harden properly when heated. Just hold the blower on your fingers for a few minutes and nothing more can happen to your nails.

4. Quick dryer

Many companies manufacture so-called fast dryers. These are overpaints, which you simply apply over the desired color, so the nail polish can dry quickly. Use special quick-drying lacquers, if you want to get the nail polish dry faster! It makes the nails shockproof within ten seconds. In addition to quick-drying nail polishes, there are also drops that make sure that the nail polish hardens faster.

5. UV lamps

If you have special paints that contain so-called polymers, you can also dry your nails under a UV lamp. Most nail polishes that contain polymers are so-called gel nail polishes. The warmth accelerates the process as with the professional manicure in the salon and provides for an even glamour look.

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