How to Get Smoother Skin

Smooth skin

Smooth skin is the result of a mixture of predisposition and good care. With our tricks, you are guaranteed to tighten your skin into a presentable form.

At the sight of some legs, you easily get the impression that smooth skin is unevenly distributed by nature. But one thing is clear: What photos of models show us does not correspond to regular people’s skin.

Taut skin like that which the media disseminate thousands of times is often the result of graphic processing – Photoshop makes it possible. But there are actually tricks you can use to keep (or get) taut skin.

Secrets of smooth skin

1. Blood circulation

The base for firm skin and a body without cellulite is good blood circulation. It promotes the metabolism and thus the removal of tissue-clogging substances.

Classic and effective is the alternating shower. This is how it works: Start with warm water and then switch to a cooler temperature. Lead the jet first from the outside of the right foot to the thigh and then from the inside of the thigh back to the foot. Repeat on the left leg and then switch to the right hand. There you walk from the back of the hand to the shoulder and from the armpit to the palm. Do the same on the left side and finally move the beam in a circular motion over the chest, stomach, and back. Repeat the whole process again and finish with the cool beam.

2. Be active

Our connective tissue is not dead, but a highly living “organ”. In order for it to work at full speed, however, it must be stimulated. And as a reward for its appearance, there is taut skin. Climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator, taking long walks in the fresh air, and once or twice a week a crisp sports session, be it endurance or strength training, ensure taut skin.

3. Creams and lotions

Beautifully cared for skin always looks equally firmer and more attractive than unkempt skin. This applies to the face and body. So cream regularly, on the body also with products against cellulite. These do not magic away the orange peel skin, but they do care for the surface and thus make the skin look firmer. Creams with shiny particles also conjure up an even surface.

4. Good nutrition

The connective tissue wants to be well-nourished: Water is therefore one of the most important partners in the fight against sagging skin. Because sufficient liquid – instead of water, unsweetened teas are also fine – keeps you slim and the tissue on its toes.

You should also focus on fruit and vegetables. Beauty food provides your skin with the nutrients it needs to be firm and beautiful. Be careful with coffee and sugar – they “clog up” the tissues and are a permanent attack on your taut skin. So it’s better to enjoy in moderation!

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