How To Make Your Nails Grow Stronger

Strong finger nailsBrittle fingernails are unsightly and annoying! Here are the best tips to get brittle, thin, soft, and grooved nails under control again.
Brittle, splintering fingernails are probably familiar to most women.

They are unsightly and annoying. Especially if they get stuck on your clothes or if you wish the nail polish to last longer than a few hours after a manicure. But brittle fingernails are no reason to despair. We’ll give you a few tips and tricks that you can use to repair them again.

Causes for brittle fingernails

If the nails are so brittle that they not only tear in a certain length but also split in their deep structure, physicians speak of onychorrhexis (from Greek “onycho” = “nail” and “rhexis” = break, crack) or onychoschisis (from Greek “schisis” = splitting). If finger- or toenails split lengthwise (vertically), this is called “onychorrhexis”. When they splinter horizontally and in layers starting from the edge, onychoschisis.

Causes for brittle nails can be:

  • No gloves when doing housework: dishwashing detergent, washing powder or soap, nail polish remover containing solvents, but also too much water draw moisture from the skin and nails and dry them out.
  • Artificial fingernails and shellac damage the horny layer of the fingernails and make them soft and brittle.
    Injuries to the nail plate caused by incorrect manicure and pedicure.
  • Nutrient deficiency: If certain minerals, vitamins, trace elements, and essential fatty acids, zinc, or calcium are missing, the nails also suffer. Thus iron deficiency favors brittle fingernails. In addition, a lack of Vitamin A, B, and Vitamin C as well as Biotin and Folsäure can cause brittle nails.
  • Diseases: To the further causes for brittle nails, skin diseases such as nail mushroom, Ekzeme as well as psoriasis (Psoriasis) and nodular lichen. But thyroid diseases such as hypothyroidism can also lead to brittle nails.

Brittle fingernails: the right care

The best way to prevent brittle nails from developing in the first place is still the right care. At first, you should pay attention to the nail length: Wear splintering nails as short as possible. To prevent splitting, keep the file straight at the front when shortening, file slightly at right angles to the sides. Do not go too deep under the nail. Also important: Supply the nails regularly with nutrients. In order to keep them supple, massage in nail oil in the morning and evening. Ideal for this: pure apricot oil. Here you can find more tips for beautiful fingernails.

Tips to tacke brittle nails:

  • OIL: “For brittle hands, an oil pack helps. First treat the skin with a sugar-oil peeling, then embalm it with apricot kernel oil, wrap a guest towel around it – and bring time. Because it only gets fine after about an hour. Tip: do not constantly disinfect your hands. Hand disinfection in particular contains drying alcohols.
  • MASSAGE TIME: “Basically massage the cuticle and cuticle bed with oil three times a day. Here, too, I use pure apricot kernel oil because it contains the most unsaturated fatty acids. Important: Apply oil with a Q-tip also to the underside of the nail. Even for painted nails. This keeps the nail plate supple.”
  • UNDERCARE: “When cleaning the underside of the nail, use only a soft toothbrush. Who approaches there with a metal file or nail scissors, risks finest hair cracks in the nail bed. The nail can then tear more easily.
  • SHINE: “Polishing buffers smooth grooves or splinter nails, but tear the surface open. Nail powder usually contains beeswax and kaolin – sprinkle on a polishing pad and rub it over the nails. The wax polishes itself into the nail and smoothes it gently.”

Useful for manicure: Nail polish with care

Even with brittle fingernails, one does not always want to do without colorful nail polish. So that this does not damage the nail additionally, but in the optimum case also still maintains, one should pay attention to the purchase of the lacquer directly to the contents materials. Varnish with diamond dust should harden the nail plate, for example, by forming a protective layer.

In addition, there are now plenty of calcium-based colored nail polishes on the market that have been specially developed for brittle nails. If you would like to apply colored nail polish, you will find cool nail polish trends and pretty mini ideas for your nails. Too often, however, fingernails should not be (ab-)painted, because nail polish removers can put a lot of strain on them. We have all tips on the topic of nail polish for you.

Nails with grooves? This is how they become nice and smooth

To make rough nails shine, apply a groove filler regularly. This contains microspheres that even out unevenness. You can buy these in drugstores or beauty online stores. A polishing file or a polishing block is also suitable for smoothing, which makes the fingernails really shine. However, you should not use the polishers too often, as they naturally affect the structure of the nails – even if minimally. Nail professionals recommend not to polish the nails more often than every 4-6 weeks.

Strengthen nails from the inside – that’s how it works:
Take 2.5 milligrams of biotin daily. A study has shown that nails become more stable after three months. Alternative: swallow silicic acid-containing silicon or stir silicic acid gel into yogurt. First successes show up also after three months.

Nutrition – you can eat these foods to get healthy fingernails

Tomatoes are at the top of the menu for brittle nails. They contain biotin, lycopene, and vitamin A, which promote nail growth and make the fingernails stronger. We have great tomato recipes for you.

Also beneficial for nail growth: sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds, green beans, eggs, bananas, fish rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, carrots, milk, and broccoli. Eating lentils, spinach, soy, and meat also helps to strengthen nails and prevent iron deficiency. We have even more beauty food for skin and hair for you here.

THIS should be avoided with brittle nails

Do not use nail clippers. If there is already a crack in the nail, there is a danger that you will break it off completely. Do not clean the nails from the underside with a sharp object. This will make the nail brittle, and fungi may nest in it. Better: Clean the underside of the nail with a soft brush. Is Shellac an alternative to conventional nail polish? Not for brittle nails – we explain in our article why you should be careful with Shellac.

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