How to Remove Facial Hair (2020 Edition)

Facial Hair

Hair on the chin is only a problem of men or grandmothers? No! The unwanted and disturbing black hairs can be a problem of women of any age. But what is the reason for beard growth on the chin in women?

The most common cause of hairs on the chin: hormonal disorders

Hair on the chin can have different reasons. Often hormone disorders are to blame. But also a genetic predisposition can be a cause for the hairs on the chin. Age can also play a role. During the menopause, women not only often have hot flashes, but also suffer from an estrogen deficiency. Women who take the contraceptive pill or pregnant women can also be affected. If you have one or two hairs on your chin, that is no reason to despair.

Do you have a lot of bristly hair on your chin? Then this could also indicate an illness. You should see a doctor if your hair starts growing more than normal. This could be an indication of the disease hirsutism. This disease with increased hair growth is often inherited. However, we have listed some tools for you to help you with facial hair removal.

Another cause of hairs on the chin can also be a functional disorder of the ovaries. This is also called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCO) in medicine. The hair on the chin is then produced by too many male hormones.

How To Get Rid of Facial Hair Quickly:

  • Tweezers: You see one or two hairs on your chin that bother you? Then remove them with the tweezers. You will have them removed in no time at all and can work with precision. But this only works if there are a few and isolated bristly hairs on the chin.
  • Shave: If men want a smooth chin and face, they have to shave every day. If you have a strong beard, you have no choice but to treat the chin hairs the same way men do. Shaving only removes them superficially. No matter if dry or wet shave – the bristly hairs on the chin are not permanently eliminated. You have to take up shaving again soon and regularly. But shaving also has advantages: It is a simple and quick method – and above all, it is painless.
  • Depilatory cream: If your skin is very sensitive, you should first carefully test the different possibilities of hair removal, right to the root. Otherwise you may experience unpleasant skin irritation in the area of the upper lip to remove the lady’s beard. The depilatory cream, as the name suggests, is a cream that really removes all hairs. You apply the cream to the desired area and let it work for a few minutes. Afterwards you wipe it off with a towel again, et VoilĂ  – beard removed!
  • Wax: Wax strips can be found in all drugstores, now even narrower strips to use in the right size on the face. You can remove the unwanted witch hairs on the desired areas. In addition, oil wipes are included in the packages, these make it easier to remove the wax residue from the facial hair removal.
  • Epilator: Since this method is very deep, you may find this method unpleasant or even painful. However, the positive aspect is the long-lasting removal. Compared to shaving, the epilator gives you two to three weeks of peace and quiet. However, to be able to epilate again, the device needs a certain length of hairs so that it can get all the hairs. It is precisely this phase of “regrowth” that can become unpleasant.

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