How to Stop Hair Breakage

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Your hair is brittle and nothing seems to help? Don’t panic, the short haircut can still wait. We will show you how to repair your hair.

Brittle hair: typical causes

Some women constantly suffer from hair breakage. Others can be happy about robust and healthy hair. What is the reason for this? Brittle hair is mainly caused by the following factors:

  • Colorations and bleachings: Do you like to change your hair color? Careful, this is a small strain on the hair fiber every time. With colorations or bondings, so-called peroxides are used, which split the hair shaft. This is the only way to change the color pigments. Unfortunately, cracks remain in the hair fiber afterward.
  • Lack of care: dry hair quickly becomes brittle hair. Due to a lack of care, the hair lacks elasticity. They become stiff and strawy and cannot withstand external stresses. Instead of giving way, the hair fiber simply breaks off.
  • Excessive heat styling: High temperatures are poison for the hair. They destroy the protein skeleton in the hair, which makes the lengths strawy and limp.
  • Hair type: The genetically determined hair type also determines how quickly your hair breaks off. Thin hair is less stable due to its small diameter and therefore tends to break more easily. Natural curls are also prone to break off, as the hair fiber is naturally roughened.
  • Hair length: The longer the hair, the more likely it is to break. The tips are often particularly strained and sensitive. Depending on the length of the hair, this area is already several months (or even years) old. This also means that the lengths already had to go through a lot. The structure is therefore weakened and particularly susceptible to split ends or frizz.

So much for the cause. What can you do now to repair stray lengths? The following tips will help you on your way to a shiny dream mane.

Take in silicon

The stronger the hair fiber grows back, the less you have to worry about broken tips. Scientists found out in a study from 2008 that taking the mineral silicon leads to stronger and fuller hair. Silicon is a natural component of our hair and is also involved in many of the body’s metabolic processes.

By taking silicon tablets on a daily basis, the participants in the study were able to enjoy stronger and thicker hair.

Brittle hair: Use a mild shampoo

Our hair is particularly sensitive when wet. Therefore, brittle hair needs a mild shampoo that preserves the natural moisture level of the hair fiber. Otherwise, the hair becomes stiff and breaks off quickly.

It is best to use a mild shampoo without sulfates to cleanse strawy hair. Sulfates are chemical cleansing substances that have a strong degreasing effect. For sensitive lengths, however, sulfates are much too aggressive. Instead, choose a shampoo that contains so-called cocostensides. They have a re-greasing effect and gently remove dirt, styling residues, and sebum.

A gentle natural cosmetic shampoo is particularly recommended, as it does not contain any other chemical ingredients that could weaken the hair.

Pay attention to the right intensive care

To make brittle hair look healthy again quickly, it needs a lot of moisture. A conditioner and a good hair mask should therefore be kept in the bathroom cabinet.

The conditioner is applied after every hair wash and serves to smooth the cuticle layer of the hair. This is often roughened in strawy lengths, which favors broken hair. The conditioner makes the hair shinier and easier to comb through.

At least once a week, damaged hair also needs proper intensive care. The conditioner is not enough to repair deeper hair damage, as it only remains on the hair for a short time. So make sure you treat yourself to a deep hair mask, which you leave on for 20 to 30 minutes.

Tip: To make the hair mask even more intensive, you should put on a shower cap after application and wrap a towel around your hair. This creates heat, which opens the cuticle layer of the hair. This allows the ingredients of the mask to penetrate even deeper and cement porous areas.

If you do not have a hair conditioner at hand, you are welcome to look around in your own kitchen cupboard. Olive oil for the hair can be wonderfully misused as a hair mask.

Avoid silicones in hair care products

Bye-bye, silicones! These chemical film formers are hidden in shampoos, mousses, or leave-in products. They seal the hair fiber, which means that the hair can no longer absorb care ingredients. Due to the thick silicone coat, your mane will not only become drier but also flabbier over time. You notice more and more split ends and broken tips. In addition, the natural volume of your hair goes down the drain.

For brittle hair, it is therefore especially important to switch to silicone-free hair care. So look for the addition “silicone-free” or “without silicones” when you treat yourself to a new beauty product.

Apply hair oil daily

To prevent dryness, you should apply a good hair oil without silicones to your hair every day. For example, argan oil, coconut oil, or almond oil are suitable. The contained fatty acids wrap themselves like a protective film around the hair fiber and supply the hair fiber with vitamins and minerals. This strengthens the hair and gives it a completely new suppleness.

Set on proteins

Oils provide moisture to your hair. This is important to keep the hair fiber elastic. To make hair robust and strong, we also need proteins. They ensure that the hair structure is regenerated. Protein-rich care products repair existing cracks in the hair fiber caused by heat, hair coloring, or UV radiation. This increases the resistance of your hair and reduces the probability of breakage.

So treat yourself regularly to a good protein hair treatment or book a protein treatment at your trusted hairdresser.

Reduce heat

As mentioned above, heat is one of the main causes of hair damage. Whoever suffers from extremely brittle hair should therefore urgently avoid excessive heat styling. Treat your hair to a seven-day rest period during which you don’t use high temperatures. Afterward, they will feel softer and shine more.

This means: Let your hair dry in the air and switch to heat-free styling methods.

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