10 Remedies For Dry Hands


Frequent hand washing, cold and dry heating air is a strain on our hands. So that you don’t have to do without caressing delicate hands, we show you which products and household remedies you can use to prevent dry and cracked hands.

To avoid dry hands or to care for them, there are simple tips.

In times of the Corona crisis, frequent hand washing is a must. But that puts a strain on the hands. And even when winter temperatures drop below zero, the already stressed and thin skin on the hands loses its elasticity and suppleness. Dry heating air and icy air outside – intensified by frequent hand washing – draw moisture from the skin. Unlike facial skin, for example, the skin of the hands has no sebaceous glands of its own and cannot protect itself from moisture loss. Brittle, chapped hands and cracked cuticles are often the result. With the right care and the right tools you can prevent these scenarios.

1. Wear gloves

The most important point first: Always wear gloves when staying outside! This will protect your hands better from the cold and the danger of drying out. Fleece gloves are ideal, as they store body heat and can keep moisture away.

2. Drink enough

Protect your hands also from the inside: You should drink enough all year round – but in winter the skin is particularly dependent on moisture. Two to three liters of water or unsweetened tea daily are ideal.

3. Wash your hands properly

Washing your hands is especially important during the cold season and plays a major role in preventing infections. If done incorrectly, however, frequent hand washing is harmful to the skin. Do not let the water get too hot. Too warm water and the use of soap softens the skin and damages its protective acid mantle. The use of lukewarm water, pH skin-neutral soap and a moisturizing hand cream afterwards is ideal for preventing dehydration.

4. Use Aloe Vera Gel

The gel of the aloe vera plant is known for its moisturizing effect and is a natural helper without any chemical additives. Inflammations are soothed and disappear after a short time, the skin becomes more elastic. Apply the aloe gel for caressing soft hands several times a day and massage it in gently.

5. Take hand baths

Oil baths offer a simple method to do good for your stressed hands at home – and are quick and easy to prepare. Hand baths with oil have an extremely caring and moisturizing effect on the skin. Simply pour a little lukewarm water into a bowl and add a few drops of olive, pumpkin seed, argan, almond or jojoba oil as desired. Leave your hands in the oil bath for ten to fifteen minutes and then dab off the moisture.

6. Make an intensive treatment with olive oil

In case of very rough and cracked hands, it is recommended to use oil baths of pure olive oil regularly. Bathe your hands for five minutes in warm olive oil. As soon as you take your hands out of the bath, leave the residue to work for another five minutes and then remove excess oil with a cosmetic tissue.

7. Peel regularly

Once your hands have recovered and no longer show cracks, you can carefully remove dead skin cells with a peeling. A mixture of olive oil and sugar does not rub too hard and cares for the hands at the same time. Remove the remains of the peeling with a cosmetic tissue and do not wash your hands with soap – this would remove moisture from the freshly cared for hands.

8. Make hand care from almond oil and buttermilk

If you cannot tolerate conventional hand creams or would like to do without additives, you can easily mix your own hand cream: Simply add a tablespoon of almond oil to a cup of buttermilk and massage the mixture in several times a day. Thanks to cream jars in travel sizes, you can use the homemade hand cream even on the road.

9. Use the night for extra care

Since our hands are most stressed during the day, you should use the resting time at night for an additional portion of care. To wake up with velvety soft hands in the morning, put thin cotton gloves over thickly creamed hands overnight. For best results, use particularly high-fat hand creams with olive, almond or evening primrose oil. Cracked areas are soothed by creams with the ingredient dexpanthenol.

Tip: If you do not want to sleep with gloves on, wear the intensive treatment for at least two hours in the evening.

10. Use oatmeal care pack

Oatmeal is considered a real miracle cure for dry and cracked hands. For an intensive hand care pack, soak a cup of oatmeal in warm water, then spread the mixture on your hands and cover with a cloth. After about ten minutes, carefully wash the mask with clear water.

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