Skin Icing – What is it?

Skin Icing

When it gets colder outside, we naturally want to make ourselves cuddly warm. But for our skin, we bite the bullet – namely with the latest beauty hack, “Skin Icing”, which has gone viral on Instagram and promises a natural glow within minutes. But what’s the point of this online hype?

It is considered a new trend, which some beauty insiders have known for decades. You cool your face with ice cubes to reduce swelling and redness and get a radiant complexion.

Now there is even a name for the beauty treatment from the freezer: “Skin or Facial Icing” is the name of the method now.

Cold shocks have long been proven to be beneficial for the body, but recently the cosmetics industry has also started offering more and more so-called cryo-facials for the face to combat wrinkles, bags under the eyes, or scars.

However, if you massage yourself at home with ice cubes in slowly circling movements, you can achieve similar positive results. Ice rollers made of stones, which are stored in the freezer, are the more practical alternative.

Dermatologists confirm that the cold massage stimulates the blood circulation in the veins while the flow of arteries is reduced – which reduces redness or swollen dark circles under the eyes. The metabolism is stimulated, which can lead to a more radiant complexion. Inflammatory processes can also be inhibited.

However, anyone suffering from acne or skin diseases such as rosacea should not undergo this treatment.

How does skin icing work?

Some beauty fans already swear by massaging the face with ice cubes, but applying pure ice can also be aggressive for the skin. Everything you need for skin icing? A freezer! The expert explains: “Basically, conventional ice cubes are suitable for skin treatment. However, it is important to move the ice cube with the melting water in slow movements over the skin and not to hold it in one place for too long – otherwise, the ice cube may stick and frostbite may result”. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also use skin icing tools such as cryo-balls or ice rollers.

The skin should be thoroughly cleaned before use. Afterward, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing cream. If you want to intensify the effects of skin icing, you should consider lymph drainage – especially in combination with this massage technique, which promotes lymph drainage, the beauty trend is particularly effective.

For whom is Skin Icing not suitable?

Despite the generally low risks associated with skin icing, specialist Gol√ľke points out that certain groups of people should refrain from skin icing treatments in any case. These include in particular rosacea patients, whose redness can be additionally intensified by the cold-warm interactions. In addition to patients with hives or with basically sensitive skin, caution should also be exercised with skin that tends to acne – the bacteria can be spread all over the face due to friction.

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