Under Eye Masks For Wrinkles and Dark Circles

Under Eye Mask

Eye masks have been experiencing a real beauty hype for some years now. Time to take a closer look at the mini face masks.

We all know it: Everyday life is super stressful, at work it’s all hustle and bustle, and besides, partners, friends, family and children also want to be entertained. As a result, we look as if we’ve been partying for two weeks. Dark circles under the eyes, bags under the eyes and increasingly visible wrinkles are simply a part of it for many of us. We have come to terms with the fact that we have to apply thick layers of concealer every day so that we do not feel like Dracula. But is that necessary? Eye pads promise to provide relief.

Eye pads: What is behind them?

It is now common knowledge that facial care, in addition to a healthy diet and sufficient water intake, is the be-all and end-all when it comes to preventing and fighting wrinkles. What many people still do not consider: The skin under the eyes has very special requirements.

It is much thinner and therefore more susceptible to environmental influences, wrinkle formation and dark shadows. We also blink up to 50 times a minute, cry, laugh and rub our eyes. Also the use of make-up, mascara and co. leaves traces around our eyes of course, not to mention sometimes ungentle make-up removal methods.

Due to the more sensitive nature of the eye area, the application instructions for conventional face masks always state that the eye area should be left out. And this is where eye pads come into play. The mini face masks contain special ingredients that are optimally suited for the eye area.

The two most common types of eye pads are gel eye pads and cloth mask eye pads. Both versions contain high-quality active ingredients that combat dark circles under the eyes, dark shadows, wrinkles and tear sacs.

How under eye masks work

Eye masks contain an extra portion of care and the perfect ingredients for the eye area. These are usually collagen, various fruit or algae extracts, hyaluron, caviar and real gold particles.

The active ingredients contained in eye pads

  • reduce dark shadows under the eyes,
  • swelling of tear sacs,
  • make the eye area appear brighter, more alert and fresher,
  • cool the area under the eyes,
  • provide the skin with an extra boost of moisture and
  • pad folds.

How to apply eye masks

As before any other skin care treatment, the first step in using eye pads is to thoroughly cleanse the skin. This means removing make-up and cleaning the skin with gentle cleansing gel, foam or milk. Even if you don’t have make-up on, you should cleanse your skin of cream residues, sebum and sweat. In this way, the active ingredients of the eye pads can simply penetrate even deeper into the skin.

After cleaning the skin, remove the eye pads from their packaging and place them under the eyes. Now you can let the great and rich ingredients work for ten to 20 minutes. Either you simply go about your daily activities during this time or you use it for a little time out or meditation. The eye pads adhere well and will not fall out of your face. Some beauty queens also go to bed with the eye pads and pamper their skin with the treatment all night long.

After you have removed the eye pads, you simply massage the rest of the treatment into the skin and continue to benefit from the intensive ingredients. Afterwards you can continue your make-up or facial care routine as usual.

Tips on the use of eye pads:

You can of course also use the eye pads on other areas than under the eyes. Even pronounced laughter lines around the mouth or forehead wrinkles benefit from the small care boosters.

The cooling, refreshing and above all decongestant effect of the eye pads will be even more enhanced if you keep the small masks in the refrigerator!

Reasons for dark circles

There are many reasons for dark shadows and puffiness under the eyes. At the top of the list is lack of sleep. As a result, our blood circulation is not optimal, our metabolism cannot remove enough lymphatic fluid and this eventually accumulates under our eyes. Since the skin under the eyes is particularly thin, blue blood vessels are also much more visible. The result: dark circles and shadows under the eyes.

During pregnancy and menstruation, many women can see even more shadows due to paleness. But iron and vitamin deficiencies can also lead to more pronounced dark circles under the eyes. Your skin also suffers from insufficient fluid intake. It dries out and wrinkles appear.

Besides sufficient sleep, water and the right nutrients, eye pads can also reduce eye shadow and wrinkles. However, the same applies here: Prevention is better than aftercare. If you already have strong eye shadows, even eye pads will not make them disappear as if by magic. When used regularly, however, eye pads can at least work small miracles, moisturize the skin, minimize dark circles and prevent wrinkles, or cushion them slightly with collagen and hyaluron.

Especially after a night of partying or even crying, eye pads promise cooling and immediate relief. You look fresher and more awake within minutes. And if that is not enough, a well covering concealer still helps to retouch your eye shadows and rings, at least temporarily

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