‘Yes is More: An Archicomic on Architectural Evolution’ by Bjarke Ingels

‘Yes is More’, the catalogue accompanying BIG’s (BJARKE INGELS GROUP) first solo exhibition at the Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen.

By staging the exhibition, ‘Yes is More‘, the Danish Architecture Center (DAC) zooms in on one of Danish architecture’s most successful and innovative architectural companies.

This exhibition forms part of a pilot project called ‘Close up’, which through exhibitions, debates, seminars and teaching sessions takes a long, hard look at new tendencies, theories and challenges within Danish architecture. Starting out from a vision aiming to free architecture from tired clichés, choosing instead to see modern life as an inspiring challenge, BIG has made a major contribution to the renewal of the Danish architectural tradition.

The catalogue presents the evolution of 30 projects from the Danish practice in a comic book format.