Demi Lovato Shows Off Her New Pixie Haircut

Demi Lovato's new haircut

Only a few days ago Demi Lovato showed up with a blond whale mane. Now the singer has gone one step further.

With her new hairstyle Demi Lovato, 28, is hardly recognizable. Just a few days ago, the singer showed herself with a long blond mane at the People’s Choice Awards. Now she has gone one step further and has parted with her long hair. On Instagram, the former brunette shared several pictures showing her with her new hairstyle and commented: “I did something…”


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Already in the past, Demi Lovato was keen to experiment with her hair. Whether side cut or a short bob, the singer has already tried out many trendy hairstyles. But a radical undercut cut is a first for her. But the short hair suits Demi very well, also her followers on Instagram find.

Demi Lovato’s fans love her new hairstyle

The blonde undercut is well received by her fans – within a few hours both posts together have collected over three million Likes and the comments contain numerous compliments on the new hairstyle. Demi Lovato owes her cut and color to hairstylist Amber Maynard Bolt, who is also responsible for the blonde pixie cut of actress Kristen Stewart, 30.

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