Gigi Hadid Shares New Photo Of Her Baby Girl

Gigi Hadid with her daughter

For two months Gigi Hadid (25) has known what it means to be a mother: “A whole new kind of busy & tired,” she writes on Instagram, meaning that her new role demands a lot of strength from her. Gigi shows a photo in which her otherwise glamorous everyday life as a model has visibly given way to the new challenge.


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Normally we only know Gigi dressed in expensive robes, wearing sparkling jewelry, looking attentively at the next camera. Today the model shows herself from another side: She is wrapped in a turquoise jogging suit, above it she wears a long wool coat, the unmade hair hides Gigi under a thick cap and the look directs her tiredly into the distance. Because Gigi is on her private way on this day – together with her daughter, which she comfortably nestles against her breast.

Although her daughter Gigi requires a lot of strength, but: “She is the best, and that’s why she can be happy about Christmas decorations prematurely. In the Instagram photo album, Gigi shows in further pictures that her own four walls are already decorated for Christmas. A fat tree, on which colorful baubles and glaring lights light up, now decorates the living room. In another picture Gigi shows herself again with her daughter and how she gives her a kiss on her little head.

At the end of September Gigi and her partner Zayn Malik (27) had their first daughter. After the birth Gigi moved to a family farm in Pennsylvania, where she could count on family support. Since then, the model likes to give intimate insights into her new everyday life, for example by cuddling with her daughter or fooling around with baby and baby-daddy. Meanwhile, Gigi fits again into the tight-cut designer robes that she promotes full-time. She made this very clear with an after-baby-body-selfie, which Gigi shows only one month after giving birth. Since the birth, Gigi has also publicly thanked her friends and family for their support, which has helped her get used to the new phase of life.

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