‘#006 SideSeat’ by Studio Makkink & Bey

PROOFF recently launched the ‘#006 SideSeat’ that was designed by the Netherlands-based duo Studio Makkink & Bey. It’s the latest item they’ve released that begs its users to be “flexible with their working space.” The multifunctional design is not just a chair, it also features a desk and storage.

PROOF #006 SideSeat’ has been designed to present a solution to the blending of work and leisure, public and private.

The following is some further information from the designers:

In our work for Prooff we investigate knowledge landscapes with collective indoor and outdoor spaces where work and life fold into one. Recurring themes are the library and the campus as ultimate places for obtaining and sharing knowledge. This issues subjects such as archiving, meeting, mobility, transmission and storage of knowledge.


In the SideSeat this has converged into one chair. The swivel seat on top, allows users to be interactive and flexible with their working space, but create privacy in public areas at the same time. The college table can be an arm rest, side table and small desk, depending on the use.

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