Apple Diet – Can You Lose Weight with It?

Apple diet

With the apple, Eve already succeeded in seducing Adam. Apples can now help you lose unnecessary pounds. Here you can find out how the apple diet works, how healthy it really is, and for whom it is suitable.

There are two variants of the apple diet: One is the radical apple mono-diet, where only apples are put on the table. As the name suggests (from the Greek word “monos” meaning “only” or “alone”), only apples are allowed during the diet. The second variant, the moderate apple diet, is one or two apples eaten before each meal so that the first hunger is satisfied and therefore generally fewer calories are consumed.

The radical apple mono-diet

This radical mono-diet, in which only apples are on the menu, tempts with an enormous weight loss of up to 13 pounds in one week. During this dietary ordeal, the body has to work hard and it is therefore essential that you drink at least enough fluids. Three to four liters are the minimum. Water is the most suitable – but you can also cover your fluid needs with herbal teas – as long as they are sugar and calorie-free.

With this strict diet, you must avoid foods rich in protein and fat completely and reduce your daily calorie intake to only 500 kcal. You can do this by eating at least five to six apples a day. Instead of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, just one or two apples – and that’s it. It’s not complicated, but not very varied and requires a lot of discipline! However, the effect is impressive – at least for a short time.


The vitamins and nutrients of the apple are there to support you. Enzymes boost your metabolism, potassium helps you detoxify, vitamin C promotes fat reduction and fibers such as pectin ensure healthy digestion and keep the feeling of hunger at bay for longer.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – not always! Because nevertheless it must be considered that the vitamin bomb apple cannot supply you with all essential nutrients.


The radical apple diet is basically suitable for everyone. However strongly overweight humans with cardiovascular problems should rather select a more careful diet. The danger is simply too high that the body is set by the changed food increase in such a way under stress that it can come to cycle collapse or even heart attack.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, is usually very helpful, but eating only apples can lead to dangerous side effects. Despite the rapid weight loss, a mono-diet is very one-sided, the body is not supplied with enough nutrients during this time, but it needs them to function fully.

Experience with this apple diet shows that the concentration decreases. This could lead to difficulties, especially in everyday work life. Basically, a one-sided diet is not recommended in the long run! Also, a healthy change of diet is definitely not promoted with a mono-diet, as soon as you start to eat a more varied diet again you will fall into the Yo-Yo trap at great risk!

The moderate apple diet

The moderate apple diet on the other hand is suitable for everyone without exception. If you are not in such a hurry to lose weight and you are more interested in healthy and stable weight loss, you should choose this option.

The method is very simple: you don’t necessarily have to change your entire diet plan. It is sufficient if you eat one or two apples before each meal. This curbs your appetite and the pectin ensures that your gastrointestinal tract is occupied with digestion for longer. Not only can you save up to 200 kcal at each meal, but you will also be spared the unpleasant feeling of hunger for longer.

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