Are You Making These Mistakes When Brewing Coffee?

When drinking and preparing coffee, there are some traps that can reduce the pleasure! We will tell you how the hot drink can best unfold its effect.

1. We do not store the coffee properly

A widespread misconception is that coffee is best stored in the refrigerator. The problem with this is that coffee absorbs foreign flavors very quickly and should therefore be kept isolated from other foods, dry and dark.

You should also stop decanting coffee into coffee cans, as this allows oxygen to reach the beans, which can falsify the taste. It is therefore best to store your coffee in its original packaging – ideally even with an aroma seal.

2. We use the wrong coffee filter

Did you know what the fold on the coffee filter is for? The two hatched edges – the so-called embossed seam – should be folded over! But what’s the point of that if it works like this? The purpose of the whole thing is to stabilize the filter: It should become firmer by folding it over, and it is also much easier to remove from the machine after making coffee.

3. We drink coffee at the wrong time of the day

Anyone who used to think that a cup of coffee gives you a fresh kick right after getting up is wrong. Even though most people have made this mistake so far, the optimal time to drink a cup of coffee is at 10 o’clock in the morning.

The explanation is simple: after getting up, our body produces a high level of cortisol – a stress hormone that helps us wake up. If caffeine is consumed immediately after getting up, it signals the body to produce less cortisol, thus interrupting its natural function of waking up.

4. We do not clean the coffee machine properly

It is quite normal for coffee residues and limescale deposits to accumulate in the machine over time. Unfortunately, these can have a negative effect on the taste, therefore: clean the coffee machine regularly! About every two to three months you should decalcify it – this will also extend its service life.

5. We use hot water that is too hot

When preparing coffee it is of course first and foremost important that it is quick. However, you should never brew coffee with boiling water, because bitter substances are released when the water is too hot. Therefore, it is better to wait for one or two minutes to ensure that the coffee is perfect.

The water should not be too cold either, otherwise, the coffee may taste sour. The perfect water temperature is between 199 – 203 degrees.

6. We save on the quality of the coffee

An expensive coffee machine is unfortunately not yet a guarantee for a full-bodied coffee. Much more important than the machine is the quality of the coffee beans, so you shouldn’t save money at the wrong end. You can recognize high-quality coffee by the fact that the beans are roasted evenly, are about the same size, and are not burnt.

The price differences are often caused by the fact that quality coffee is slowly roasted at a constant temperature – this process is more complex than the so-called quick roasting process and is therefore reflected in the price.

7. We use the wrong grinding degree

The grinding degree of the beans is decisive for the optimal taste. A fine grind is particularly important for fully automatic machines and sieve racks, while a medium grind is suitable for preparation in the espresso maker or the Aeropress. The coffee beans should be coarsely ground when you brew the coffee in the French Press.
In addition, you should only grind the beans fresh, otherwise, the aroma will evaporate too quickly.

8. We do not know the correct dosage

The portioning of coffee is a science in itself: if too little powder is used, the drink becomes watery; too much of it makes the coffee taste bitter. Per cup 8 to 9 grams of coffee powder is optimal – it is best to take a heaped coffee measuring spoon, then you are on the safe side. Of course, you can vary the amount according to your individual taste, the dosage is only a recommendation.

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