Foods You Should Avoid During Pregnancy


From the first day of pregnancy, you and your baby form a unit – you are connected by the umbilical cord. It provides your baby with all the important nutrients – provided that they are also on your diet.

As good as some foods are for your baby’s development and growth, others can be just as bad. Therefore, you should pay attention to what you eat. After all, your baby gets a portion of everything.


A healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy helps you and your baby to feel good and develop healthily. You can read here about what is part of a healthy diet during pregnancy.

If you are unsure, our tips may help you:

  • The fresher the better: It is best to always use fresh ingredients when cooking.
  • Heat up properly: Food that could be critical should be heated at 158°Fahrenhei for at least 2 minutes to kill any germs or pathogens.
  • Everything at the right time: Prepare your food or drink directly before consumption – this reduces the risk of contamination. However, industrially produced juices and smoothies are harmless. You should rather avoid packaged snacks, such as sandwiches. A pregnant woman should also avoid prepared, packaged salads.
  • Not one thing to another: Keep food, on which earth remains separate from all others.
  • Keep it cool: Make sure that your food is always sufficiently chilled, preferably at 39 to 42°Fahrenheit maximum.
  • Keep it clean: Good kitchen hygiene and regular and thorough hand washing before and after food preparation are also very important.


Sushi, salami, and sparkling wine – does that really have to go? The bad news is that all three foods are actually on the no-go (shopping) list of pregnant women. But why?

What you eat or drink has a direct influence on your baby’s development. That’s why, for the good of your baby, you should avoid some things during pregnancy or only consume in moderation.

  • Alcohol: Even in small amounts, alcohol can damage your baby’s brain and nerves. You should therefore avoid alcohol completely during pregnancy.
  • Dairy products: Dairy products are important foods, but you should avoid some of them during pregnancy. Especially those made from raw milk can contain bacteria. These can cause a life-threatening infection in your baby. So you should keep your hands off soft cheeses such as camembert, brie, goat’s cheese, or blue cheese. Solid, matured hard cheeses made from heat-treated milk are harmless, but you should not eat the rind of the cheese. To be on the safe side, you should avoid raw milk cheese and also prepackaged, grated cheese or “open” cheese from the cheese counter.
  • Raw & half-cooked eggs: Hard-boiled eggs are not a problem, you can eat them during pregnancy. You should only avoid raw or half-cooked eggs. They can contain salmonella, which can lead to poisoning. Your baby is not directly endangered by this, but if you suffer, your baby suffers with you. You should therefore avoid all dishes made from raw eggs. Homemade mayonnaise is also taboo, but industrially produced mayonnaise is harmless for you and your baby. For cakes and pastries, it is best to make sure that the filling is well-baked and it is better to avoid tiramisu completely during pregnancy.
  • Meat and Sausage: If raw or incompletely cooked meat like in tartar, carpaccio, steaks English or medium should be one of your favorite dishes, then you have to be strong now and avoid it during pregnancy. Because they can trigger toxoplasmosis – and that can be very dangerous for your baby. You should also avoid raw ham, salami, sausage, and generally sausages that are only smoked. It is best to completely remove offal such as liver and kidneys from your diet, as they can be contaminated with harmful substances and also contain a lot of vitamin A. This, in turn, can lead to growth disorders as well as skin, liver, and eye damage in babies.
  • Fish and seafood: Fish and seafood should be well heated and fried before eating. Raw fish such as sushi or raw mussels and oysters can be contaminated with bacteria that can cause a life-threatening infectious disease called listeriosis in your baby. You should eat tuna, swordfish, and stone biters only rarely, as they are often contaminated with mercury, which can be harmful to a baby’s development. Unfortunately, cold-smoked fish such as graved salmon are also not cooked sufficiently and should therefore not be eaten.
  • Caffeinated drinks: Coffee, black, and green tea and caffeinated soft drinks such as cola are allowed, but only about 2 to 3 cups or glasses per day. Because black and green tea also prevent you and therefore your baby from absorbing iron, you should only let it steep for a short time and drink it between meals. It is also not recommended to drink caffeinated energy drinks during pregnancy.
  • Smoking: Pregnant women should not smoke and should not stay in rooms where smoking is or has been done.  
  • Unwashed vegetables, fruit, and salad: These are important components of a balanced and healthy diet. Just make sure that you always wash or peel fruit, vegetables, and herbs thoroughly. This way, parasites that can cause dangerous toxoplasmosis in your baby don’t stand a chance. To be on the safe side, you should avoid ready-to-eat, packaged salads, antipasti, or fruit from the supermarket, restaurants, or canteens.

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