How to Get Rid of Tongue Blisters

Pimple on Tongue

Blisters on the tongue can be very painful and annoying thing. This article will explain you why these unpleasant pimples and white spots appear on your tongue and what you can do about it!

Many of us know the unpleasant pimples which usually sprout at the tip of the tongue. These painful blisters are especially unpleasant when eating. Of course these pimples have nothing to do with a blockage of the sebaceous glands.

What are the reason for tongue pimples?

As is so often the case, the blisters on the tongue have various causes. One reason can be a lack of dental hygiene. This means that if you brush your teeth too seldom, bacteria accumulate in the mouth and throat area, which, in addition to caries, also promotes the development of pimples on your tongue. But often the cause of the nasty white spots is not in the mouth itself. Because a wrong diet, which manifests itself in vitamin and mineral deficiencies, can also be the cause of the problem.

If you suffer from digestive problems, for example, you are also predestined for pimples on your tongue. This is because the organ in your mouth reflects the health of your internal organs. Even a weak immune system caused, for example, by taking strong medication can be the trigger for pimples on the tongue.

How to avoid pimples on the tongue?

First of all, thorough oral hygiene is absolutely essential. This includes brushing your teeth several times a day to prevent bacteria from breeding. If you suffer from caries, you should not push the trip to the dentist on your tongue for the sake of your teeth.

However, the most important preventive measure against the unpleasant blisters on the tip of the tongue is and remains a balanced diet. It is the key to avoiding gastrointestinal problems and keeping you healthy. It is important to supply your body with sufficient vitamins and minerals.

This helps against pimples on the tongue

Removing pimples on the tongue is not such a simple matter. Of course, you should not express them – often it is not even possible with the pain. If you have very persistent blisters on your tongue, it is easiest to go to the doctor. He can then examine exactly what the cause is. Often you will then be prescribed an ointment that you can use against the pimples on your tongue.

However, there are also numerous home remedies that can be used to remove pimples on the tongue. The best known are camomile and sage. Because both herbs have an antibacterial effect and prevent inflammation. Oil of cloves, which you can easily dribble on your tongue, also helps against the pain. The oil can be applied to the painful area of your tongue as often as you like without any side effects. Chewing blueberries can also have an anti-inflammatory effect due to the tanning agents. Sucking an ice cube or drinking milk helps against acute pain. Strongly acidic foods and drinks should be avoided.

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