Losing Weight While You Sleep with the Pape Diet

With the “slim in your sleep” diet according to Dr Pape, you lose weight while snoozing. Find out here, how the “slim in your sleep” works.

An overview of “slim in your sleep” according to Dr Pape:

The nutritionist and specialist for internal medicine Dr. Detlef Pape from Germany wrote a best-seller with its DiƤt councellor slim in the sleep. The Pape Dit is based on the realization that fat burn is particularly effective in sleep, the general renouncement of coal hydrates, as with Low Carb parliamentary allowance, in the everyday life however with difficulty convertible is. “Slim in sleep” therefore focuses on bringing the body into the fat burning mode only in the evening and on reducing excess weight reserves during sleep. A further advantage of the Pape Diet is that the removing happens comparatively gently, the dreaded Jo-jo effect can be avoided thereby more easily.

The most annoying thing about a diet is the notorious yoyo effect. It occurs above all when you have lost a lot of weight quickly. But to prevent this from happening, many diets rely on slow weight loss. With the right power mixture of eating, sleeping and exercise, you can not only burn off excess fat, but also lose pounds. The special success concept was developed by the Di?t specialist Dr. Detlef Pape from meal, its indication internalist and nourishing scientist. In 2006 he published the first companion book to his slimming philosophy with the title “Schlank im Schlaf” (SiS).

Thus slim in the sleep functions after Dr. Pape

The idea behind Papes diet: After the consumption of meals containing carbohydrates the pancreas produces the hormone insulin strengthened, so that the body can adjust the rising blood sugar mirror. This in turn, according to Pape, inhibits fat burning on the one hand and stimulates the body to store additional fat on the other.

The aim of the Pape diet is therefore to optimize the insulin balance through targeted nutrient intake and to motivate the body to increase fat loss, especially overnight.

Dr. Pape has developed a simple nutritional plan for his “Slim in sleep” concept. The heart of the diet is the so-called insulin separation diet. This provides for an exact separation in the intake of carbohydrates and protein.

A total of three meals are allowed throughout the day, each with a five-hour break in between. The amount of carbohydrates allowed depends on your BMI and varies between 75 and 125 grams. The diet plan is that you should eat carbohydrates in the morning and protein-rich food in the evening. At lunchtime everything is allowed.

DOs and DONT’s


  • Turn off the lights
    There are no cookies there, but you pour out more melatonin when it’s dark. The sleep hormone helps you fall asleep. Artificial light (especially neon tubes and energy-saving lamps) prevent the release of melatonin. Smartphones and tablets also have this effect. Darkened bedrooms (close the curtain or roll down the blinds!) are a good alternative.
  • Reading instead of television
    While reading it is quiet, only the eyes are strained. This makes you tired and lets you glide gently to sleep. Watching television, on the other hand, keeps you awake. “Slim in your sleep” therefore works best with a good book.
  • Firm routines
    If you always go to bed at the same time, you will fall asleep faster and better. While you are on the Pape diet, you should therefore structure your everyday life so that you can take advantage of this effect. This gives your body even more time to burn fat while you sleep.
  • Relax
    In order for your circulation to adjust to sleep, it is clever to learn autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation. This lowers the pulse rate and reduces stress hormones. Relaxed, the kilos tumble more easily.


  • Alcohol and caffeine
    It is well known that caffeine wax makes you feel better. That’s why you should avoid coffee from the afternoon on. Energy drinks and cola are forbidden simply because of the amount of sugar they contain. Alcohol in moderation is relaxing, but if you drink more than one glass, alcohol affects the quality of sleep. Alcohol also contains many calories.
  • Smoking
    Nicotine was long considered the drug of the models. Smoking, however, increases the pulse rate and burdens the organism. Cigarette consumption is not only unhealthy, but also affects sleep. And you need it to burn fat.
  • Stress and arguments
    Stressed people sleep worse. That’s why you better leave frustration at work and make a strict distinction between job and free time. This also applies to arguments with your partner. This happens sometimes, but often differences can be solved better the morning after.
  • Snacking on the couch
    Snacking is prohibited in the Pape diet. Especially bad are snacks shortly before going to bed: They cause your insulin level to shoot up and thus prevent the desired fat burning during sleep.

What to eat?


According to Dr Pape, for breakfast you may only eat carbohydrates. Protein is not allowed at this meal. You may eat for example rolls, muesli, honey, fruit or jam. Eggs, dairy products or sausage are taboo. Drinks like water, juice or black coffee are fine. The minimum amount of 75 grams of carbohydrates corresponds to about three rolls or twelve tablespoons of breakfast cereals. Such a breakfast after the Pape method thus already once excludes that the hunger comes again before the lunch.


At lunchtime, you can put on the table whatever you feel like – whether it’s spaghetti bolognese or a delicious pizza or a burger with chips and mayo. The main thing is that you are really full afterwards. But Dr Pape won’t give you your rich lunch as a gift: After the meal you have to boost your metabolism. A little exercise, a short walk in the fresh air or taking the stairs instead of the elevator are the price you pay for a full stomach.


Only in the evening carbohydrates are taboo in the Pape diet, this keeps your insulin level as low as possible. Instead, there are foods containing protein. Lean meat or poultry, for example, are good, sea fish is also a protein-rich delicacy, soy products are a vegetarian alternative, and fresh vegetables and salad are added to your plate. Fruit is not ideal because of the fruit sugar it contains. However, a glass of beer or wine is allowed.

The earlier you eat dinner, the more time your body has for burning fat in the evening. So don’t postpone your dinner too long. It is best if you have finished eating by seven o’clock. After dinner, Dr. Pape’s diet begins the crucial phase for the weight loss effect and you will lose weight while you sleep.


With the Pape diet you should completely avoid snacks and snacks between meals. These would only cause your insulin level to rise unnecessarily. This also applies to juices or soft drinks. Only water, unsweetened tea or black coffee are allowed. If you get a ravenous appetite attack, you can counteract it with some natural yogurt.


According to the teachings of the Pape diet, the actual weight loss takes place when your body is at rest. Sufficient sleep is thus the A and O with this chamfering cure. An adult humans need on the average about eight hours sleep per day – plan in any case enough sleep time into your daily routine, in order to obtain successes with slim in the sleep!


On the way to your desired weight with the SiS diet, sport can of course also help you. You do not have to overexert yourself. Instead of working out in the gym or doing extreme sports, you should do some exercise regularly. This also boosts your digestion during the diet and supports you in the Pape diet.

Any kind of sport that you enjoy and enjoy doing is suitable: cycling, walking, light jogging, swimming, Pilates and yoga will help you achieve your desired weight. If you prefer more action, there is nothing to be said against it: The main thing is that you move!


In addition to the right diet and exercise, one’s own attitude plays an important role in losing weight with the Pape diet. Set yourself goals: If I still lose five kilos, I’ll treat myself to a day of shopping or I’ll let my soul dangle. Such rewards motivate you and thus contribute decisively to the success of your diet.

It is important that you do not approach the diet too doggedly. Even if you are “slim in your sleep”, it is quite possible that you will break the diet plan: a bag of chips to the scene of the crime, a cheese sandwich in the morning or a delicious dessert after dinner… This is not in the sense of the Pape diet, but not that bad. If it happens, don’t despair: Slips happen. The main thing is that you simply continue your way purposefully.

The annoying (winter) pounds you announce so in any case successfully the fight – and completely without yo-yo effect and owing to the three meals with the Pape Diet also nearly without hunger feeling.

Does “slim in your sleep” really work?

The connection between a high insulin level and fat burning in the human body has still not been fully investigated scientifically. So whether there is actually a direct connection cannot be excluded, but neither can it be proven.

The Pape diet has led to weight loss in many people, but in principle the following applies to the SiS fasting cure as to any diet: You only lose weight if you supply your body with fewer calories than it consumes. That you reach this goal faster, if you nourish yourselves consciously and sugar-poor, is obvious. A lot of exercise can also do no harm. So if people are successful with the diet according to Dr. Pape, it is perhaps simply because they pay attention to what they eat and start doing sports.


Even if the rules may sound very loose at first glance – three meals, a lot of sleep, some exercise: eating according to Dr Pape requires a lot of discipline. You have to completely avoid snacks between meals, and at mealtimes you have to pay attention to what you eat. If you are not in a good mood in the morning, it will be especially difficult for you to do without the milk in your muesli or coffee, or even to have a sufficiently large breakfast. Even at lunchtime, not every working person necessarily has the opportunity to eat a balanced meal. The Pape diet requires a lot of planning so that it can be optimally implemented in everyday life.


The dietary success will not be immediate. Losing weight while sleeping with the Pape diet is designed for long-term weight loss. Your pounds will not disappear overnight, but will slowly melt away over weeks and months. This may be a disadvantage for impatient people, but on the other hand, slow weight loss is much gentler for the body and the yo-yo effect does not hit so hard due to slow weight loss. Who wants to be permanently slim, can therefore definitely take a closer look at the Pape diet!

Losing weight with the “Slim in your sleep” method according to Dr Pape is a charming method to lose a few excess kilos in the long run. On the positive side, there is no need to worry about health consequences due to unbalanced nutrition. However, impatient people are disappointed especially at the beginning of the change of diet: successes of the diet only become apparent after some time. Nevertheless, it is worth persevering with the Pape diet: instead of quick successes on the scales due to high (and unhealthy) fluid loss, a permanent weight loss occurs: Fat reserves are effectively used up by SiS. However, the implementation of the diet in everyday life raises some questions. It is not always possible to combine a balanced diet with time pressure, so advance planning is required.

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