Sirtfood diet: Lose weight like Adele

Adele posts a picture of herself on Instagram – and is hardly recognizable: The British singer is said to have lost a total of 45 kilos in weight. She owes this to a tight sports program – and the so-called sirtfood diet, which even allows red wine and chocolate. We have taken a closer look at the new trend diet.

Adele’s new Instagram post shows her new slim figure
A new photo of superstar Adele causes excitement among the fans. On it the singer shows herself as slim as never before:

What is the Sirtuin diet?

The concept developed by the US nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Metten is similar to other low-carb diets in that it focuses primarily on proteins for weight loss. Sirtuins, to be precise. Sirtuins are a group of proteins that are said to promote fat loss, protect cells, fend off pathogens and even slow down the aging process. They are also said to prevent cravings, support muscle growth and strengthen the immune system. Basis of the nourishing principle is the scientific realization that certain vegetable substances boost the activity of the body-own Sirtuine just like chamfered. Means in the plain language: One must not do without, but only set on the correct food.

The most important Sirtfoods for weight loss

To get the most out of the power of the sirtuins, sirtuin-containing foods and spices must be on the daily menu. These include green tea, chili, turmeric, kale, apples, blueberries, capers and parsley. Even red wine and dark chocolate are allowed as part of the diet due to their high sirtuin content. The predominantly vegetable foods are supplemented by proven protein sources such as soy products, white meat or eggs. Starchy foods such as potatoes, noodles or bread are taboo. Just like sweets, fast food or highly processed foods.

These sirtuin-containing foods should be accessed as part of the diet:

Vegetables: broccoli, kale, leafy vegetables, garlic, eggplants, red onions, artichokes, asparagus, pak choi, chicory, celery

Fruit: soft fruits, dark grapes, citrus fruits, dates, apples

Spices: chili, turmeric, liquorice root, ginger, thyme, mint, parsley, lovage, oregano, sage, chives

Fats: olive oil (extra virgin), walnuts and cashews

Drinks: Green tea, coffee, red wine, cocoa

Also permitted: dark chocolate (at least 85 percent cocoa), quinoa, buckwheat,

However, the sirtfood diet should not exceed 1500 calories per day. On the first three days you should even limit yourself to 1000 calories.

The 3 phases of the Sirtfood diet

According to the inventors of googins and mats, you can lose up to three kilos a week with the Sirtfood diet – provided you stick to the strict diet plan, which is divided into three phases. Anyone who does extra exercise boosts calorie consumption and loses excess pounds even faster.

Phase 1
The first phase lasts three days and is similar to fasting. Only 1,000 calories are allowed daily in the form of juices to detoxify the body and activate the self-cleaning process of the cells. Accordingly, during the three days one may drink three green smoothies or juices and eat a sirtfood meal.

Phase 2
In the second phase, the daily calorie intake increases to 1,500 calories. Every day there are two juices and two main meals from sirtuin-rich foods. The phase ends when the desired weight is reached.

Phase 3
The third and last phase then serves to stabilize the new weight. It should be seen as a sustainable change of diet in order not to fall into old patterns. 1800 calories are now allowed. Sirtuin-rich foods should continue to be a major component, and one should also ensure a rich protein intake. This keeps you full for a long time and prevents ravenous appetite attacks and the dreaded yoyo effect.

What science says about the Sirtfood diet

The Sirtfood diet is currently on everyone’s lips, but it is also attracting critics. And rightly so. Because the fact that one slims with the Diät is actually little surprising, since it is strongly calorie-reduced. With only 1000 calories in the first days and 1500 calories in the second phase critics do not attribute the weight loss therefore necessarily to the Sirtuinen, whose effectiveness is besides not scientifically proven. The recommended sports program also plays its part in making the pounds drop quickly. For example, singer Adele is said to have sweated for 60 minutes daily during interval training or Pilates. Thus the new trend diet would be nothing else but the proven advice to take up fewer calories and to do more sport. Here however caution is required: Because over several weeks a too high calorie deficit can cause the metabolism to drop. The yo-yo effect is then pre-programmed!

Positive is however that the Sirtfood diet promotes a balanced, nutritious and above all natural nutrition with much vegetable food – and there is really nothing to meckern in it! Completely on the contrary. For health reasons, there is usually nothing to be said against a temporary diet based on the Sirtfood principle. But one should not expect miracles!

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