6 Easy Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle

Everyday life is often peppered with many appointments. With all the work, you completely forget to think about yourself and your health. But from now on you should take 30 minutes a day to keep yourself fit.

Your health is a valuable commodity in which you should invest half an hour every day. It does not cost you any money and you do not need any extra equipment. You only need a little bit of initiative and time. And you are ready to get started with the “Health” project.

1. Health tip: drink water

You should say goodbye to sugary lemonades and alcohol, as they are not beneficial to your health. They are also high in calories and will ruin your figure. Soft drinks will not quench your thirst either. You should drink about two liters of still water a day, this stimulates the metabolism, fights appetite, and keeps your skin fresh.

2. Health tip: exercise

Many people prefer to relax on the couch instead of breaking a sweat at the gym, but no exercise is very bad for your body and harmful to your health. It doesn’t have to be exhausting in the gym, but even small sporting activities can improve your health. In everyday life, you can use the stairs instead of the lift or escalator in the future.

Walk to work or ride your bike. If this is not possible because the distance is too long, then use public transport to get to work one or two stops less or do not park your car directly in front of the workplace. This way you can get some exercise in the morning. A study by the University of Cambridge in England has shown that just 20 minutes of light exercise, for example, a walk, can help to reduce early cardiovascular problems.

3. Health tip: straight, standing posture

If you have a sedentary office job, you should get up and move around in between. Permanent sitting damages your back and your circulation. Getting up for as little as two minutes in an hour helps to boost your metabolism. By getting up and getting some exercise, you can reduce the risk of premature death by 33 percent.

4. Health tip: look out the window

If you have an office job and are permanently in front of the computer, you should look out the window in between. Looking at the screen all the time is very exhausting and tiring for your eyes. Just 30 to 40 seconds of looking out of the window will help you to regain concentration and performance.

5. Health tip: Take a siesta

A short nap during the day is good for your health. A daily short nap of ten to 30 minutes between 13.00 and 16.00 hours can be good for your health.

This so-called power nap has as good an effect on the hormone balance as two hours of sleep during the night. By the way: 85 percent of all animals generally take a Powernap during the day to develop new energy.

6. Health tip: Relax

Stress, hectic rush, and mental strain sag our resistance; disturbances in the balance between tension and relaxation can lead to serious mental and physical illnesses. So at the latest when stress and rush take over, it is time to shift down a gear.

Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, or yoga can help to find balance and serenity again.

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