Tea for Weight Loss

Drink tea and loose weight

Of course, if you want to lose weight, you should first and foremost – and expressed in very basic terms – provide for a calorie deficit, i.e. eat less than you consume. And there is actually a type of tea that should help you do just that.

More important than any sport when it comes to losing weight is nutrition. In other words: As long as you are not blessed with a fast metabolism, the effect of your workout will only become visible when you change your diet. As an unpleasant side effect, however, it can happen that you think twice about every snack and have a bad conscience after eating. If you want to lose weight, the meal can often no longer be enjoyed properly.

But there is actually a solution to this problem – and that is drinking a weight loss tea before a meal, which helps to curb your appetite in a natural way, which stops you feeling hungry without requiring extra discipline. Feelings of guilt after a sumptuous meal are a thing of the past.

Bitter substances as a natural aid to losing weight

And which “miracle” tea is it? There is no need for a secret recipe or a special blend, the desired effect is already achieved by drinking normal green tea. Based on the bitter substances in its leaves, it helps you to curb your appetite.

The bitter materials with their taste so on the body that your hunger feeling diminishes fast. It was even proven that humans, who react particularly sensitively to the bitter materials, are clearly thinner than humans with a smaller sensitivity.

Beyond that, bitter substances also have a health-promoting effect: they are used to alleviate gastrointestinal complaints and help boost your digestion. The skin also benefits and appears purer.

Green tea also strengthens your immune system, prevents tooth decay, and is said to help reduce your risk of cancer. Green tea is, what concerns its health effect, thus a real allrounder.

What you should pay attention to so that the tea really helps you

With their bitter taste, bitter substances are actually supposed to protect the plants. In nature, it is their task to prevent predators. They are present in a wide variety of foods – not only in green tea, but also in chicory, grapefruit, or rocket, for example. However, the bitter substance has now been bred out of many of these foods in order to be able to sell them better. This is why the plants no longer necessarily function as appetite suppressants.

This also applies to green tea. Many varieties that are on supermarket shelves now have too few bitter substances to have a real effect. You should therefore either buy tea specially developed for the anti-appetite effect or choose brands that still rely on old varieties. Alternatively, the bitter substances can also be taken as a food supplement in capsule or drop form. There the bitter materials originate then usually from spices and herbs such as Cumin, Koriander, or dandelion.

The Latin American among teas and a wonderful tea to lose weight: Mate tea contains many minerals and vitamins. Caffeine and saponins boost metabolism and help burn calories. By the way, fresh mate leaves are chewed on the continent of origin to suppress feelings of hunger.

An all-around healthy drink and delicious tea to lose weight. White tea supports the body’s own defenses, which sometimes weaken a little during a diet. It also supports fat metabolism.

The simple use of tea

In order for the bitter substances to achieve their desired effect, you should drink a cup of green tea before each meal. If you have a sudden craving, you can also drink some of the tea. However, although tea is a good way to lose pounds, it does not replace other measures. So you should still make sure you eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and sleep well. It is very important that you do not use tea to starve with it. You should still cover your daily energy requirements with your meals.

A pleasant side effect of green tea is that it helps you to eat less unhealthily in a completely different way. Once your taste has become accustomed to the bitter substances, many of the little treats simply seem too sweet. Cola, donuts, or cakes simply no longer taste good. And if you manage to eat fewer sweets with tea, this will of course have a positive effect on your blood sugar levels.

Losing weight for everyone?

The additional bitter substance supply works for most people. There can be differences in the amount needed to achieve an effect.

In very rare cases, there may also be negative reactions to green tea. In some people, the tea causes a feeling of nervousness or an unpleasant heartbeat due to the caffeine it contains. Your stomach may also be sensitive to the tanning agents contained in green tea. Stomach pain and nausea can be a result.

If you are aware of these or other unpleasant reactions, it is recommended that you take in the bitter substances in another form.

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