Glycerine – 8 Ingenious Household Hacks


Glycerin occurs naturally in the body but is also a widely used ingredient of oils and fats in cosmetics. And the colorless liquid is good for much more! We know the best tips for use in the household – whether as a stain remover, for cleaning, or for the care of hard leather.

In fact, glycerine is a real all-rounder. The chemical compound is used as an antifreeze, lubricant, humectant, and medicine, and also appears in the food industry as additive E422. Since the end of the 19th century, this oily liquid, which is colorless and odorless, has been a part of every well-assorted household cupboard – a place that glycerine has lost completely unjustly today because granny’s household remedies are still superior to many modern products. The remedy – vegan or animal-based – is available in every pharmacy, the price usually does not exceed three dollars.

In cosmetics, glycerine is used as a moisturizing agent and is contained in many creams and hair care products. The natural substance ensures that cosmetics do not lose their moisture and dry out. When used on the skin and in the hair, glycerin helps to attract and bind moisture. The skin appears well cared for and the water balance is balanced. In addition to cosmetic use, the substance also helps with health and can be used for medical skin complaints, such as rashes or burns. In addition, there are several tips on how glycerin can also serve as a useful all-rounder in everyday life.

  1. Glycerin in an icy freezer
    Who does not know this? At some point, the freezer compartment is covered with such a thick layer of ice from all the opening and closing that there is hardly any room left for your favorite pizza. Glycerine provides a remedy in no time. The trick: Simply rub the inside walls of the defrosted compartment or chest with a few drops of the household remedy. This not only ensures that the unwanted layers of ice form much more slowly, but also makes it easier to remove them the next time the pizza is defrosted.
  2. Glycerin in case of a misted bathroom mirror
    Even the steamed up mirrors after an extensive shower are extremely annoying, hardly wiped over, they already steam up again. Good visibility during make-up? No, it often takes what feels like an eternity before you can use the mirror again. The solution is quite simple: A thin glycerine film rubbed with a piece of newspaper, prevents the annoying fogging completely! The procedure should be repeated once a week. By the way, it also helps wonderfully with fogged windows in the rest of the apartment.
  3. Glycerin for a shiny effect when cleaning
    When cleaning, glycerine is usually not suitable for the coarse dirt, but it is when a shiny effect is required on smooth surfaces such as tiles or windows. Simply add a few drops of glycerine to warm water and wipe the surface with it after cleaning. This way a thin film is formed and new dust have no chance to settle. The same also works on furniture, which is cleaned of dust with a little glycerine in the water.
  4. Glycerin against stains on clothes
    Put some glycerine on an absorbent cotton pad and carefully dab the stains on the clothes with it. Leave to work for some time and rinse with lukewarm water. If you put the garment into the washing machine afterward, it will look as if nothing has ever happened! Works on most stubborn stains such as citrus, ketchup, coffee, or mustard.
  5. Glycerin for wilting flowers
    Glycerin also helps to keep cut flowers fresh for longer. How does it work? Simply mix one part of glycerine with two parts of water and place the flowers cut diagonally on the style in the mixture. In this way the roses “drink” the glycerin, which virtually preserves them. Sounds like magic, but it actually works!
  6. Glycerin for brittle, hardened, or rough leather goods
    Leather gloves are often brittle and hardened after months of being taken out of the winter box. Glycerin not only helps in the household and in skincare but also serves the leather thanks to its moisturizing and caring effect. Rub the material very generously with glycerine, let it soak in for an hour and the leather is soft, smooth, and supple again. Other products, such as leather jackets, pants, or shoes, also become soft again with this all-rounder.
  7. Glycerin for scratchy blankets
    The cuddly blanket is not really cuddly after many movies and series evenings? Or your favorite wool sweater scratches unpleasantly? Here too, the softening properties of glycerine work wonders. Put two tablespoons of it into the machine together with the conventional wool detergent – and everything will cuddle and cuddle up like new afterward!
  8. Glycerin at needling Christmas tree
    Dyed-in-the-wool Christmas fans can’t start decorating their homes early enough. The top priority is of course a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. So that the joy in it continues also until after Christmas eve, connoisseurs place the freshly cut tree for one to two days in a glycerin-water mixture (one-liter glycerin on ten liters water). With this trick, the needles remain beautifully juicy green, and above all do not fall off.

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